Malian Wics

Passionate about ICT with a "Multi potential" spirit. Which results a blog that touches almost everything.

Various subjects like:

Sustainable development and ICTs;

ICT development and cyber security;

The impact of ICTs in developing countries;

The place, the development of Africa in the technological sphere for the years to come; etc ...

Not to mention the opinions, news and events of various societies.

The blog is also a space to highlight the malian girls and women in ICT and women in ICT around the world. To motivated those who want to get started.

Embark with me on this adventure, follow my discoveries and opinions, because there is so much to say. 

The author: young computer scientist, Malian, with a head full of dreams, passionate about technologies, Internet, ......., and 200%feminist(so to say). !!

#MalianWics: We can do it.

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