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Saved by technology Coronavirus COVID-19

Since a few years back in developed countries, people can access almost everything without leaving their homes. Which means technically, if you want you can leave your whole life without going out. Well, I guess China just made that possible for real.

The numbers are alarming! The number of cases is increasing exponentially every day. But what would have happened if the technology was not as advanced as it is nowadays? To date, the covid-19 is the most contagious of all the coronavirus we have ever know: common cold, SARS, MERS. As the virus departed from China, like the SARS epidemy of 2002-2003. In one month, China had already switched everything online. When I say everything, I mean everything.

Technology against COVID-19

Even though the numbers of covid-19 are very high. It could have been worst under other circumstances. If the epidemy had started in another country, I bed the number of cases would have been way more, and it would have been around the world much quicker. China reacted slowly in the beginning but they did an awesome job overall.

About one month after detecting that the virus could transfer from human to human. China switched everything online.

  • New platforms were already available to take over. Most of the workers don’t need to go to offices;
  • Schools have put together online classes over the cloud, from primary schools to universities;
  • The shopping giant Taobao, and the multiple delivery services and apps have taken over to help people receiving whatever they need without living their homes.
  • New entertainment platforms were created, to help people interact, play, and have fun in their homes;
  • Virtual representations of places to visit;
  • Online diagnosis service was put in place to help people have the best care without risking to go to hospitals;
  • etc…

China has taken advantage of its full range of technology to help people stay safe at home without needing anything.

As I’m writing this article, since January I haven’t been outside, I am getting everything I need, even things I don’t need right at my door.

Take away

Technology, my beloved technology . While it’s battling with its own kind of virus, it’s just the best weapon to stop the spreading of biological ones.

If covid-19 was to happen in 2002 or so, the situation would have been much worst than what it actually is. No way to switch things online, no way to stop people from interacting on a daily basis, no way to measure properly the progression of the virus, etc.…

Thanks to technology, and the hard work of the Chinese population I think that reduced the chaos a bit. Imagine what it must take to put together all those platforms within a month. That proves once again that, when it comes to technology, China has it under control. They have the infrastructure; the knowledge and they are ready to use it for there population. And it also proves how hardworking and focus they are. I have never seen people as focused as the Chinese. And I’m not saying that because I saw one Chinese that was focus on his/her job, but all of them. It’s amazing.

Yes, there way of handling the virus may not be perfect. But which other country do you know, that would have been able to manage millions of people through such a situation the way Chinese did ? It’s easy to point them and their methods when you are not there. But we are living the situation here, and I’m just thankful for the way I’m being taken care of in this situation.

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